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"Singing is a spiritual experience. I want to share that experience with people.” - Zenobia Kloppers

Pause Play
Die Kaapse Kabaret
Spice Drum Beat: Ghoema
Broadway Babies

Performances :: Music Shows & Music Theatre

Production Role Director Year Watch Listen
45 Jaar met Randall Wicomb Guest Artist Randall Wicomb 2014   Rejoice
Cry for Love Guest Artist Zenobia Kloppers 2013   I (Who Have Nothing)
Die Kaapse Kabaret Various Juanita Swanepoel 2009 Geraamtes in die Kas
Land van Herkoms
My Alles Syne
Tweedehands Verkoop
Broadway Babies
Featured Singer Fred Abrahamse 2007-2008 Cain't Say No
Can't Help Loving
That Man Of Mine

When You Got It,
Flaunt It
Slawespore (Welgemeend) Featured Singer Monique Seigels 2007    
Black & Blue
Featured Singer Monique Seigels 2007    
Spice Drum Beat: Ghoema
Dina (lead) Kramer & Petersen 2006-2007
  Meisje Loos
Ghoema Dina (lead) Kramer & Petersen 2005-2007
  Meisje Loos
Oos Wes Tuis Bes Featured Singer Johan Rademan 2003
  Elfde Plaag
Hoe sal dit kom
Woman in Love Featured Singer Monique Seigels 2002-2003    
Iets Jazzy & Iets Kabbaretterig
Featured Singer Zenobia Kloppers 2001    
Meeting Zenobia Kloppers
Featured Singer Zenobia Kloppers 2001    
Someday I'll Be A Star Featured Singer Zenobia Kloppers 2001   Baby I Tell You
Love for Sale / Love for Soul Featured Singer Zenobia Kloppers 2000    
Antjie Somers Maria 1 & Soloist Hannes Muller 2000    
Where Corals Lie Featured Singer Zenobia Kloppers 1999    

Performances :: Concerts

Production Role Director Year Watch Listen
Lefra Kersfees Skouspel Featured Singer   2009    
Cape Town Arts Festival Opening Act   2007    
Die Burger Christmas Concert Featured Singer   2003    

Performances :: Operas (Student)

Production Role Director Year Watch Listen
Die Zauberflöte The Queen of the Night Christine Crouse 2000    
Il Matrimonio Segretto Carolina Christine Crouse 1996    
Don Giovanni
Chorus & Ensemble Angelo Gobbato 1996    
Hansel und Gretel
Gretel and The Sandman Angelo Gobbato 1996    
The Impressario Featured Singer Jean Stuart 1996    
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